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We designed and tested two Savonius 7 x 7 inch scale models in a wind tunnel and used Reynolds number scaling with dimensionless Cp vs. TSR data to optimize for our full scale 1 x 0.75 meter turbine. Our team came third in class with 3.65 Watts of power produced with a final weight of 2.57 kg.

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Our testing procedure consisted of choosing a constant wind speed and varying resistances while measuring the RPM of the turbine and the voltage across the resistor. We tested a 3 blade Lenz as well as both 3 and 2 blade Savonius designs. Using this data we found the coefficient of power and the tip speed ratio. Since Cp and TSR are dimensionless, we can predict the performance of each turbine at full scale. After several trials we compiled the results for Cp vs TSR into the graph below which shows that the 2 blade Savonius was the best performing design with consistent and complete data.

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Course MEAM 347 Fall 2019
Group Members: Lucy Stinn, Hanna Kim