Robot Manipulator

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This project was completed in a team of 4 in a graduate-level robotics course in the span of 2 weeks. The goal of the project was to implement a planner that would allow a robot manipulator to collect and orient blocks in a head-to-head tournament against an opposing manipulator.

Each team had 1 minute to collect as many blocks onto their platform as possible. There was an orientation bonus for having the white side of the blocks face up as well as a stacking bonus for placing the blocks on top of each other.

The planner for the robot was written in Matlab and was simulated in the ROS based platform Gazebo.

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Inverse velocity kinematics were utilized to move the gripped block and stack it on the goal platform. It then placed the block either on the platform or on top of the existing stack.

The linear velocity values were calculated from desired starting and final positions. The rotational velocity values were assigned so there would be no rotational velocity along the x and y axes and free rotation about the z axis. This ensured that the block would remain parallel to the platform surfaces. The entire pick and place process was then repeated until all of the available blocks were placed on the platform.

Course: MEAM 520 Introduction to Robotics

Group Members: Kelly Babitz, Justine Paolini, and Ryan Jurewicz