Injection Molded Sporks

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Injection Molding

To introduce this project we learned about injection molding in great depth, covering topics such as drafting and analysis, ribbing, and design for injection molding. This project emphasized the utility of our molded object. We made a mold for small sporks. The mold and the final part were designed on SolidWorks. SolidWorks plastic simulation was used to ensure that the HDPE plastic would fill the mold entirely and there were no points of major sinkage. Using MasterCAM to create G-Code, the mold was cut using the Haas Mini Mill, ProtoTRAK CNC milling and manual milling. Then, the surfaces in contact were sanded and polished by hand to ensure a secure fit and limit flash. Shots were produced using a Morgan Press Molding Machine.

Class IPD 501 - Spring 2020 

Partner - Kelly Babitz