Design for Manufacturability 

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The final project for Design for Manufacturability, a graduate level course, was to create a fictitious product and perform many aspects of product development for it. Our product was the SaltSnowShovel, a shovel that dispenses salt as the user goes. The development of our product included:

  • VOC Worksheets and Interpreted Customer Needs

  • Product Architecture Schematic

  • QFD 1+2

  • Product Specification

  • BOM with Preliminary Cost Estimate

  • Detailed Cost Estimate

  • Target Costing Analysis

  • CAD

  • Fishbone Assembly Diagram

  • Product Development Timeline

  • Cost-Worth Analysis

  • Boothroyd-Dewhurst Assembly Analysis

Course: MEAM 514 Design for Manufacturability

Group Members: Kelly Babitz, Sophie Perez, and Alan Nunez