BEND brings sheet metal bending technology to students and makers.


Makers and engineers often integrate bent sheet metal parts into their designs to achieve complex geometry without excessive material removal. Yet, small shops and educational spaces often lack the tools to help engineers create cheap and accurate parts easily. BEND is a precise, reliable, compact, and low-cost sheet metal bending machine, suited for the needs of students, researchers, maintenance workers, and makers. 

BEND Features

  • Piston depth & backstop position digital readouts

  • Angular & positional tolerances on par with industry standards

  • Low user effort & high throughput with minimal training

  • Software package accounts for spring back

  • System fits comfortably on standard workbench

  • Bends up to 0.25” steel

  • Customizable tooling

Awards: Francis G. Tatnall Prize for an outstanding project showing ingenuity, proficiency and usefulness, Philadelphia ASME Engineering Slam Winner, and Berkman Opportunity Fund Grant.

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Senior Design Capstone Project (Fall 2020-Spring 2021)

Team Members: Kelly Babitz, David Bunn, Kathie Jin, and Chris Valencia